Blaze loves Prancer

My daughter Grace has a new goat, Prancer, for show this year. While she has been at camp, Prancer has been sick.  Blaze her guardian puppy has taken quite a liking to  Prancer and has been laying around keeping her company.  We have been feeding her by syringe and she has no interest in anything dried or pellets.  Yesterday she showed the slightest interest in my red rose bush.  Blaze was at her side.  She reaches out and smells the bush, nibbles at a bud and drops it.  Blaze, knowing that typically roses are off-limits, looks at me, reaches out, gently plucks two petals off with his lips and places them at her feet.  So sweet!!  She sniffs them, turns and walks away.  Blaze, if at first you don’t succeed…


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