The Reluctant Farmer and the Housewife

“Honey, could you give me a hand?  It will take just a sec.”, Housewife asks.  Reluctant Farmer groans, mutters something about it never really being just a sec, and grabs his shoes.

You see it’s like this; Housewife used to be Superwoman, until about a month or so ago.  One day while stacking hay she was struck by a bale of Kryptonite and rendered completely useless.  All the farm work, and the housework (very little of that actually gets done when you have a farm), needed to be done by someone else.  She has Sidekick, but Sidekick already has a list a mile long, so Housewife turns to Reluctant Farmer.  Now Reluctant Farmer has an alias, Hospice Nurse By Day, and he already works really hard at a really hard job, so Housewife explains that this kind of hard work is actually really good for him.  Reluctant Farmer isn’t really buying it, but he sees the pressing need before him and decides that Sidekick could burn out easily if she keeps up the current pace.  Then what??  In the last month Reluctant Farmer has discovered he can do amazing things.  He makes repairs, feeds horses, stacks hay, installs ceiling fans and propane heaters, puts up insulation, hosts farm events, and even rolls mega hay round bales by hand!  Side kick is quite impressed as is Housewife. While all wait patiently for Housewife to mend, the routine continues.  A storm is rolling in and we’ll see how he is with calving~ you know the heifers wait for a good storm to calve…10616252_10204869601961671_4011053295569094549_n


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