A Christmas Story at Dogwood Hills

We have been so blessed here on the farm this year. Things have been moving forward with our plans for agritourism and life on the farm has become very busy. A few years ago we were introduced to this wonderful couple who had moved out here from South Carolina. Danny and Sandra first came here to help us by building the barn. After the structure was up they headed back east. In the meantime, we proceeded with our farm stay here in Arkansas. Things have grown to where we will be opening for group tours in the spring. However, there is a tremendous amount of work to be done first. We are putting in a teaching/ catering kitchen in the barn loft. As we got closer to seeing this project become possible, the rest of life became busier. I called Danny and Sandra out east and told them I was desperately in need of help. They packed up and moved back out here! They live with us on the farm now and are as much a part of what is happening here as my very breath. Now this team of five is moving forward with the same goal ~be a blessing to those in need. Needs show up here in many different forms, but the most common is fellowship. Many days our plans change as at a moments notice when the top gate swings open and someone pulls down the driveway. Sometimes to pick up milk (and chat a bit) or stop in for a cup of coffee. Sometimes to see the animals, or stay for supper. It doesn’t really matter, we are pleased that they have chosen this place to rest a moment. We are blessed to have our friends and family. We are purposed by God to be right here, right now in this very place. We are anxiously waiting to see what is on the next page.

Jim Dailey

 This is what Christmas is all about … Sharing, Giving, Loving

And it happens every day at Dogwood Hills Guest Farm near Marshall, Arkansas.  Just check out this quote from Ruth Pepler who, along with husband Thomas and daughter Grace demonstrated the true meaning of the Spirit of Christmas:

Christmas was unexpectedly wonderful.  We have a potluck supper in the barn loft every 2nd and 4th Sunday.  Everyone had said they had plans for Christmas, so we canceled it.  Saturday night, one of the ladies posted on Facebook that they were looking for a place to eat in Marshall on Christmas and mentioned about it being hard not having family in the area.  My husband had to work Christmas at the Hospice House in Harrison, so it was going to be a quiet day here.  I called the lady and asked her to come for dinner. She started crying…

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