You have people stay on the farm?

People ask us all the time.  “Why do you have people come stay on your farm?”  The reasons are quite simple~ people are curious about farm life. They remember their parents or grandparents talking about growing up on a farm. They want to connect with their kids. They are tired of the fast paced technological life. They want to breathe fresh air, take long walks and see the stars. They want to do that “something different” for vacation.

We hear so many people tell us that they remember grandma or grandpa talking about growing up on a farm, milking cows or goats, collecting eggs, growing a garden, canning the bounty, making butter and cheese, spinning wool and quilting.  Guests on the farm can get a taste of the old-fashioned way of doing things.  TV and the computer connection take a back seat to exploring the farm and learning about a different way of life.  “The way it used to be”.

When kids come to the farm there is the initial “I have no WI-FI on my phone” and “They don’t have cable!” which is quickly countered by “There are cows out here!”.   They quickly forget about the TV show they may be missing and become part of the happenings of the farm, memorizing the names of the animals and picking their favorites.

There are several ways to take part in life on the farm.  Most guests like to join us in the mornings for barn chores. This involves milking, feeding, helping tear up the fodder for the cows and collecting eggs.  From there, many guests head out to explore the local area, go fishing, swimming, hiking or floating on the Buffalo National River.  After a day exploring beautiful Searcy County they can come back to the farm for a campfire dinner or a movie night in the barn loft.  There is always the option of relaxing in the hot tub and watching the shooting stars.

For our family, guests on the farm keep things fresh, sharing what we do every day with children that are eager to learn ( parents too).  All of the things that may seem everyday become true treasures.

So yes, we have people stay with us on the farm.  We love it and so do they!